August 14 - Men's Study/Discussion

For our meeting this Tuesday, August 14th, we will be continuing our discussion on the concept of "Repent/Repentance" in the Scriptures and how it applies to us today.  A PDF copy of G. Kittel's entry from the TDNT is below for your reference on the use of these words throughout history.  

**This 10-volume set is available electronically...but I noticed the hard copy set is ON SALE for $99 at for those interested in owning a copy (savings of over $600!!).  If interested, click HERE for more information.

As a reminder, we will be meeting on a weekly cadence until further notice, as we discuss matters related to 1) doctrine 2) shepherding/discipleship and 3) pulpit ministry.

Time: Tuesday, August 14th - 7:30-9:00 PM

Location: Doug Willman's house