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Community Veterinary care

Veterinarian and elder David Wolf leads this ministry to pets and owners in need. The primary recipients of CVC’s outreach are those who are unable to get medical help for their sick and injured pets due to severe financial hardship.  As pets are often important to those going through severe trial, the primary goal of CVC is for people to see this care for their beloved pets as God loving them during a difficult time.  Dr. Wolf and volunteers from the church provide not only veterinary care but also seek to share the love, acceptance and true joy that God offers them through knowing, trusting and finding life in Jesus Christ.



The multiplication of churches is an important outgrowth of theological education in the local church. We seek to prepare and send mature and gifted individuals in the local church to expand the church of Jesus Christ by being personally involved in either planting new churches, or establishing existing churches.




CBC met Ed Kofi in 1995 when Ed visited us to take part in a leadership training conference held at CBC. Ever since, we have partnered with him and a federation of 200 local indigenous churches in Liberia and the surrounding West African countries, African Christian Fellowship International (ACFI). Since 2008, we have traveled each year to contribute to their national conference where we assist in teaching and preaching. We also assist in funding needs for local orphanages and partner with Fellowship Bible Church in Tacoma, Washington on Medical Trips to the remote jungle areas of Liberia on behalf of ACFI. For more information about ACFI click here.



CBC has been partnering with the Plymouth Brethren churches in Romania since 1993. We began that relationship with Elisei Rusu, a country level church leader who resided in Bucharest as an elder in the Antioch church in Bucharest. Since then, we have partnered with another mother church, Agape church in Ploiesti, which is led by his brother Jeremiah Rusu and, in recent years, with a church in Sibiu which is helping start and grow multiple Roma led churches in their region. Each of these churches has helped to start 90-100 local churches in their regions in Romania in the last 100 years. They are part of a federation of 700 Brethren churches throughout Romania.  

Another aspect of our partnership is that CBC has been able to assist in the creation and growth of the Timotheus Bible Institute (TBI) in Bucharest. Each year we plan trips to meet with these churches and their leadership teams. 

Elisei heads up an organization he created in the U.S. to help fund and oversee monetary assistance to the local churches there. This web site can be located here.



Since 1990, CBC has been partnering with Manuel Valverde, a local church leader in Guatemala City. On our first trip, we helped start a church located in the suburbs of Guatemala City, which Manuel has been leading ever since. He is now involved in training leaders from small local churches in his region. In addition, he provides training to other pastors in regions throughout Guatemala such as San Marcos, San Miguel and in other mountainous regions of Guatemala. Over the past several years, CBC has been on a number of trips to help with building and training projects.

Manuel has also been helping with leadership training with a network of churches in Maturin, Venezuela, which we have had the opportunity to visit over the past several years. Manuel is now working with their leaders in an effort to assist local church leaders in Cuba. We hope to partner with Manuel and the churches there to provide the leadership training they are asking for.