The foundation of our faith is built upon a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and reliance upon His Word. The aim of these ministries is for followers of Christ to develop a genuine integrity in their knowledge and practice of scriptures, worship, witness, and fellowship, as they make it their mission to see those same habits developed in each member of the church family. Because diligence and discipline are required to acquire a correct knowledge of the Word, We encourage each member to develop a lifelong strategy for personally attaining and remaining sound in their faith and in biblical doctrine.

Worship is rejoicing in the glorious perfections of God that affect everything we do. A person who truly worships God does so with his mind, and his affections, and his will. It is vital to both give a witness and be a witness. Christians should seek to proclaim and affirm the gospel by clearly stating the Christian message to unbelievers and modeling it in their lives.

Fellowship has been an essential element of the church since its beginning in the book of Acts. It is seen when Christians work together to meet needs and progress the gospel.  It is initiated by God's grace as He draws us to Himself, maintained by His grace as we walk in the light, and exemplified as we are united in faith and in serving the Lord.


Adult Sunday School

Sunday School meetings happen every Sunday before Worship at 9:15 AM 


youth ministry


Children's ministry

Our vision is to evangelize and disciple a generation of believers that are consumed with a passion for God’s word and permeated with the joy of knowing and growing in a relationship with him. We encourage children to display His love and wisdom by pursuing their God-given roles in the home and exercising their spiritual gifts through service and ministry in the church family.

By creating an environment that centers on the Bible, we elevate its importance in the lives of our children. We teach our children how to navigate the Scriptures, and how the stories they contain point to the person and work of Jesus Christ.

We embrace the Biblical view that children are a gift from the Lord and hold that the primary responsibility for the spiritual formation of children lies with their parents, primarily the fathers. Because we realize that many fathers are still growing in this skill, we work to create partnerships with parents to encourage and equip them to do their God-ordained job of raising their children in the ways of the Lord. 


high school Ministry

Our goals are to see our teenagers mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ, develop a systematic theological understanding of God’s Word and to be prepared to give a defense of their faith. These goals can only be achieved when parents, especially fathers, are looking to partner with the church, rather than delegating to the church.

Topics include: The reliability and sufficiency of the Bible; Basic Bible doctrine; Christian apologetics and worldview; Evangelism; Christian living; Dating/courtship; Biblical manhood and womanhood; God’s design for the family; Science & faith; Sexuality.